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Rowena Alietta

Embody Wholeness and Return to Your Joyful Loving Home.

Embody Wholeness
"Goddess" by Rowena Alietta

"How can I feel safe when I can’t feel my self?

When I can’t feel my self I am floating around the room.

I have an idea that I am me because I have a name.

Yet what is this me that doesn’t feel whole?" - Rowena

For me, embodying wholeness means that I fully accept my part in every life experience that I have had. I welcome and embrace the feelings that arise from these experiences. To deny or repress my feelings is to deny or repress a part of myself. The discomfort this causes me is a sign that I have closed the door to myself.

"I accept myself fully and open the door of my heart which is always joyful and loving. I welcome that part of myself home."

"She" ~ Rowena

As an advocate and peacemaker for the inner realm of our being, I am committed to working as a Voice Dialogue facilitator. Voice Dialogue offers a beautiful guide to the psyche and a compassionate and empowering relationship with “ourselves.”  As I work with a client, I guide them to deeply feel and listen to what their body has to say. 


The embodiment practice of the Realization Process is integral to my work. When we are fully present and grounded in our body we feel secure so that even as we experience a fearful or angry part of our self we are able to hold the space within, and allow that part of our self to be felt, heard and understood.

What about you? Would you like to transform your life through understanding, allowing and accepting all parts of yourself? Would you like to find that home or inner sanctuary, where peace, love and stillness reside?  Would you like to create your life from a place of empowerment and wholeness?

"Embrace"~ Rowena

I can trust Rowena with the most fragile parts of myself.  It is a gift to find someone with whom not only can I be fully vulnerable but who is also skilled in navigating the emotional realm such that I end up more in touch with myself.  Out of my work with Rowena I became more peaceful and confident in who I am for myself which allows me to be more for others in a truly authentic way. 

~ Shirley Brown, (Inspired Futures Coaching)"

"When we live within the internal space of our body, we become seamless.  We have a sense of internal continuity within our whole body.  Even our breath moves in our whole body, not just in our lungs.

As this unified being, we can experience all of the parts and aspects of ourselves at once.  We can experience the internal space of our legs and our head simultaneously, for example.  We can think, feel, and sense at the same time.  This means that all aspects of our self-expression contain the full breadth of our being.”  Judith Blackstone - from "Belonging Here." 

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